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Welcome to Snot Doc

Introduction to video series regarding ear, nose, and throat problems.

Hello everyone and welcome to the first edition of the Snot Doc video series. My name is Dr. Steven Chase and I am a board certified otolaryngologist – head and neck surgeon. Otherwise known as an Ear nose and throat doctor, or ENT. I’m based in the southwest United states.


You might be wondering what this is all about. Why it’s called Snot Doc. What were trying to accomplish with this? Hopefully this introduction video will explain most of that.

The goal of these videos is to arm patients with information that want and need regarding Ear Nose and Throat problems. They in no way will replace your face to face visits with your local ENT provider, but will hopefully supplement those visits. So after you go home, or after your surgery, when questions arise, you might look up one of the videos and have some of those questions answered.

It has become clear to me over time that I am often speaking a foreing language to people when we visit together. The medical terms we use, anatomy that is hard to see, and the general anxiety of being in a doctors office often affects the understanding of patient when they walk out the door.

I like to think that I communicate well with my patients. That I try to simplify things into understandable terms and processes. But I am frequently reminded that often what I say, isn’t always what people hear. I believe that is my fault. I have failed to explain and simplify things enough. I also believe that I am not alone. I think most ENT doctors and medical providers in general might be guilty of this as well.

So I am hoping that these videos will help with that. In any case, that is their goal.

Why call it Snot Doc. Isn’t that kinda crude? Kinda gross. We’ll maybe, but hopefully its an easy name to remember for people.

In our modern connected world I recognize that we may have viewers from around the world, so for a background introduction. I was trained and am based in the United States, so I approach things from that medical perspective. I will say, in our modern world, that most approaches to medical problems are the same no matter where you are in the world.

So with that introduction, there of course has to be a disclaimer, that what will be included in these videos is for informational and educational purposes only. And it should not be considered medical advice.

If at any time you have further questions about your personal Ear Nose and Throat problems please contact your local physician.

I’m excited to put this video library together and hope you find the information useful.


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